Frequently Asked Questions

q. do you have a studio?

a. I have a small studio space in 'Crabtree's Corner' centrally located on the corner of St John and York Streets in Launceston, Tasmania.

q. can i buy a gift certificate for my loved one?

a. you can buy an instant eGift voucher or a custom handwritten card to hand over in person. click here to find out more.

q. how long does a photo session last?

a. I will stay until we feel like we're done, this generally falls around the 60 minute mark, when the kids (and adults) have had enough and start to fade.

q. how much is a photo session?

a. >>this link<< will take you to current session pricing information.

q. how many images do we get?

a. I will cull and deliver a minimum of 40 of the best images from the shoot in your private online gallery for you to choose from depending on your choice of collection purchased.

q. how does it all work? if I want to book what do I do next?

a. you can contact me via the contact tab at the top of the website to ask for some more information about your preferred session type.

q. when should I book a family session?

a. generally 2-4 weeks out for a weekday session, if you want a weekend they need to be booked further in advance. Your best bet is to get in touch as I will do my best to get you in for some photos even at short notice.

q. when should I book a maternity session?

a. maternity shoots are usually booked between 30-35 weeks. This is of course, entirely up to you and I can generally fit a shoot in at reasonably short notice - but keep in mind you might not be as comfortable after 36 weeks.

q. when should I book a baby session?

a. if you want to capture all their little details as soon as they are born, you should book as soon as you can. I can only take on a small number of newborns each month in case sessions need rescheduling. My newborn sessions are super relaxed so they don't need to be a certain age to be able to be propped up in poses so even if you don't feel up to it for 4-6 weeks that will totally work.

q. what if my baby doesn't arrive on time, can we reschedule?

a. absolutely we can. The majority of babies don't arrive on their due date, so if you book for a couple of weeks after your due date we can always move the session around as we need to.

q. what days do you book sessions?

a. family and maternity sessions are booked Tuesday to Friday. Baby sessions are booked Tuesday to Friday mid morning allowing for naps.

q. can I book a weekend session?

a. absolutely, I just don't have set session times and availability for weekends because I have children and a husband on shift work - please get in touch to discuss weekend bookings.

q. is it extra for a weekend booking?

a. yes, there is an additional $150 fee for weekend bookings (excluding birth photography packages).

q. where do you recommend we have our photo session?

a. I want to deliver images that capture your personalities in places that are special to you. For this reason I always recommend your home, favourite park, or other location that means something special.

q. but shouldn't we wait till we've done renos or made everything picture perfect?

a. family life is chaos, sometimes more organised than at other times but always busy. Your kids don't want to look at picture perfect images of themselves, they want to see you and them together in a place where they feel safe, loved and special. You may not get around to that new coat of paint or garden path, but time passes quick right now and you don't want to miss it. The mess is ok, the unfinished ceiling paint is fine, book the shoot and if you are really worried use that date as your deadline!

q. what should we wear?

a. once booked in, you will receive a detailed session preparation guide which includes lots of information about what to wear and how to get ready.

q. my kids will not sit still and I don't know if we could even get good photos of them?

a. I have three energetic kids, I know the feeling. Once we have introduced ourselves I will usually start with some 'looking at the camera' photos for Grandma while we are fresh, then we will move through the session with gentle guidance from me. If anyone is fed up, I will move on to someone else, if someone has a 'moment', well that is just natural and we can take a little break or redirect attention onto doing something else.

q. can our pets be a part of the photos?

a. I love animals so yes they sure can - just let me know ahead of time so I can be prepared and am ready to make them part of it all.

q. what if the weather is bad on the day?

a. a cloudy day is fine for photos, we might just move the session time slightly to make sure we don't get caught in the rain. If bad weather is forecast and we can't get ahead of it I will contact you to discuss whether to reschedule or change locations.

q. what if one of us is sick?

a. please let me know as soon as you think someone might not be well enough for the session. 24 hours notice is great, and we can reschedule when everyone is better.

q. what precautions are you taking around covid and during flu season?

a. my covid-safe plan is on my website here - I am fully vaccinated and will be following all guidelines as directed by Worksafe Tasmania and public health directions & orders as they apply to our session.

q. do you offer extended family photography?

a. yes, grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles are all welcome. We can do group photos and split off into smaller groups as necessary, I will discuss this with you before and during the shoot.

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