Now is the time to celebrate you. Your strength, power and the superhero act of growing actual fingers, toes and eyelids right there in your belly. These images honour the beauty of your pregnant body, you choose what you will wear, and how much skin you show. A maternity photo shoot displays the love you have for your child already and are something you will both look back on in the future.

As a maternity photographer, I love to capture this exciting time right before you meet your new baby. As a mum of three I know how special these moments are, and I so wish I had more images of my own pregnancies.

Experience a relaxed and intimate pregnancy photo shoot with me in your own home, where you can be completely comfortable.

Book your maternity photo shoot in Tasmania and I will tailor the session to your tastes. Wear a flowing dress, a robe, underwear, or nothing at all. Your partner is invited too if you would prefer a couple maternity photo shoot, this gives your little one some beautiful images of the three of you to enjoy in the years to come.

Maternity photos | meander valley & launceston Tasmania

You shouldn't have to stress about having your photos taken.

I make it fun & easy to document the seasons of your life.

Whether we are at home or in the great Tasmanian outdoors, I will have you feeling comfortable and connected, living the moment for what it is.

The whole experience of having me take your photos is an opportunity to slow down and draw your breath. I promise there won't be any 'say cheese' moments - take this time to just 'be' with each other so I can organically document you as you are. To look back on over and over in the years to come.

I welcome and celebrate all people, partners and families of all kinds and abilities.



who are you?

❤︎︎ you believe the magic is in the in-between moments, the little things can bring the most joy.

❤︎︎ you don't want perfectly posed photos to look back on, you want to see personalities shine through.

❤︎︎ you want to remember the everyday, the quirks and details that make you who you are.

❤︎︎ you love to be present, laugh and play with your people.

❤︎︎ you want to remember the honest stuff, not just the surface level smiles.

what to expect?

we have a chat, make some plans. I will send you a questionnaire to find out all about you and your hopes for the photos. I will also send you a getting prepared guide - if you want to read it thats great, but if you don't want the full rundown the main thing is - have fun & relax, it will all work out great.


I will take some photos. You will take a couple of hours off from everything else in the world and just enjoy each other's company. Usually I just come straight to your home or we can meet at my studio in the middle of Launceston, or if you want to we can go for an outdoor session in the afternoon sun.


You can now remember these moments forever. You can choose your favourite images from a digital gallery of your photos. There is no pressure to purchase prints or spend more money if you don't want to. If you do want to purchase high quality wall art or a custom designed album these are available in a webstore attached to your final gallery.


Session Investment for Maternity Photography Sessions

for maternity photos at your home, pricing starts from $600

I understand, you are swollen and tired, not to mention the sciatica and indigestion pains. But lets take a couple of hours off and document the amazing work you are doing. Full at home sessions include 10 photos with print release, printshop access & upgrade options.

These sessions take place at your home, within an hour's drive of Launceston Tasmania and are relaxed and easy going. We will work out a plan for me to get the photos you will love to look back on. You really don't even need to do much except stand around in your undies and have a cup of tea if you want.

I love pets so they are always welcome to be involved, immediate family only* Pre-session questionnaire, preparation & wardrobe guide, and all the best images are presented in a slideshow for you to select your preferred collection.

Reach out below for more detailed pricing and session options.


smol sessions: maternity portraits at sunset or in my studio


30 minutes and includes:

five photos with print release, printshop access & upgrade options