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for the sentimental at heart.

Birth photography Launceston

birth is Raw, sacred and powerful, a time of profound new beginnings. what could be more important than capturing that first moment together? the first time you meet, their first breath, the first latch?

your birth experience becomes foggy rememberings too soon, wouldn't you rather have images to look back on and draw memories of the details and moments. having your birth story photographed is empowering, it can be therapeutic when you are able to view the careful documentation of your story.

I wish I could see images of my mother bringing me into the world, i wish I could see her and my father's reactions to my arrival. It would be priceless.

I know from my own experiences that I have precious little memory of my children's births - I have no images of the little things I've forgotten or missed at the time; those early moments, my husband's emotion, my own oxytocin-high and how I myself must have looked in those powerful minutes as I brought our babies earthside.

Birth photography is a photojournalistic style of photography to document and celebrate the uniqueness and wonder of your family, your new baby and your birth story.

I will be a part of the background and you won't even know I am there. I won't just photograph how your birth looks, I will deliver a private online gallery telling your story with images of how it felt.

My documentary style will take you straight back to the moments, the details and the powerful emotion of the day your life changed forever.

I will tell the story of your love at first sight. The thing is, you don't realise how quickly the experience of your first birth fades, replaced with half-rememberings or highlights as told by your partner or midwife. Details are foggy, you never knew how much you could change in such a short passing of time, but you can't remember quite how it happened that your entire heart and soul came to be laying in the crook of your arm.

You will never ever regret getting birth photography. Birth is to be celebrated, shared and remembered.

I have attended and documented hospital births in Burnie and Launceston, and at Launceston Birth Centre. If you are planning a home or birth centre birth in Launceston in 2023 please get in touch as I am still building my birth photography portfolio and can offer a price reduction in exchange for a model release (let me share some photos).


We will be able treasure these moments in time for the rest of our lives even when memories start to fade and we will be forever grateful for the love and effort that was put in to capturing the perfect moment for our family!

- Alanah, Burnie TAS

I also offer postpartum sessions and Fresh48 (photos in the first 48 hours of baby's life), if you are unsure about birth photography but keen for some raw newborn moments to cherish, this might be a good fit.
The photos are mostly the same as a birth story, but instead of capturing your established labour, I will show up as soon as baby is born and capture your experience of the postpartum stage including baby's checks and first latch, first little onesie and those precious first snuggles.

If this sounds perfect, get in touch.


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