DIY Family Photos

September 14, 2023

Taking family photos is important, being the family documentarian can be a valuable creative outlet especially in amongst the chaos of life with kids, right? I missed lots of opportunities when my children were smaller, I used to second guess myself and get overwhelmed by learning camera settings and getting the kids to smile while not losing my cool in the process. So, I just stuck with quick shots on the phone. Shots that now just live in my phone’s memory hardly remembered.

I’m here to suggest a different approach to documenting your beautiful life together, and all the constant changes – all those different phases and growth that makes you who you are. I have been brainstorming all the ways I could have been more successful in documenting my own family – now that I can look back at that time through the eyes of a professional photographer.

But it’s not just a pro-photographer’s eyes.

It’s through the lens of a parent who has a lot on her plate, while time seems to be speeding up exponentially. It’s the lens of a mum who wishes she had taken a moment years ago just to think about the process + result she was dreaming of. There was just so much happening that instead of being intuitively present in my experience of parenthood I was letting it get in the way. Instead of taking it slowly, one step at a time, I was frustrated with not having time to learn it all, becoming overwhelmed by even dipping my toe into manual camera settings. So I couldn’t get past that first step, that step I so desperately wanted to learn.

So now I’m sharing insights from the lens of a woman, mother, partner and artist, who tries to intentionally slow down and be in the moment because she can feel it all flying by so so fast.

Do you feel this too?

For sure, there are some things you need to learn to master capturing good quality DIY photos of your everyday. But you don’t need to bite the whole thing off at once. Yes – there is more to becoming a successful documentarian of family memories than just slowing down, but a simple change in your approach can make a world of difference to your everyday life and the ability to document the beauty in your ordinary. Without a plan or steps to take the task in hand (and to keep up once you’ve started), those hurdles become a little higher and a little closer together. So I have been working on some tips to help incorporate your role of becoming the family documentarian who will be long remembered for the memories she gifted to her future generations.

The secret to photographing meaningful moments is not a flash brand new camera. It isn’t knowing all the settings you should have dialled into your camera right from the start. It is actually slowing down, developing an eye for the light, composition and location of your subject and learning the knack of storytelling.

Would you like to learn more about how to slow down, spot the moments that tell a story, and take better quality photos of your family as it grows and changes?