Here we are, at the end of 2022

December 23, 2022

It’s now 24 days post surgery, I haven’t felt like posting but also didn’t want to do anything business related other than finish off everyone’s galleries. Now they are delivered I’m ready to have a chat with you.

I’m on a wee break, as I had to have a pretty serious surgery to fuse some discs in my neck, my spinal cord was being smushed and it was starting to really affect my life, so hopefully with many thanks to the amazing Dr Thani and his team in Hobart, that has put that back on the right track.

With a flurry of photo sessions leading up to the surgery, and subsequent editing time I’m now up to date. During this period, while I can’t take much work on, I am going to work on some resources to share with you. Ok, ok I’m only a year into my photography career (plus those three years of study, mind you) but this seems the perfect moment to create some resources for other ‘mumtographers’ like me!

The online education world has been absolutely exploding and I want to bring something to that party for the local mamas who love taking photos of their kids and would like to take wall-worthy photos themselves – without needing to learn the full gamut of technical skill involved in professional photography.

This was me – I have almost always owned an SLR/DSLR camera and was always quite good at taking photos – if I do say so myself 😉 – on AUTO. I even saved up and bought the very first Sony Alpha DSLR! I loved the photos I took, and I always meant to re-learn the exposure triangle I had been taught in high school. But I didn’t have the time, or frankly the inclination, in those chaotic early stages of motherhood. I just wanted to be able to capture moments with my children which would look decent on the wall. It wasn’t the easiest thing to find a creative family photographer – Instagram was only a thing after my second baby was born – and it certainly wasn’t the treasure trove of local photographers it is today.

In fact two of the photos I have had printed (cheapies from China (we didn’t have a lot of spending money at the time) literally got me through my horrendous morning sickness during my third pregnancy. They were hung above the couch – where I basically lived for 7.5 months and I used to study them to remind myself of the wonderful new person I was growing and who we would soon be meeting.

Since studying and starting my photography business, I have more of an appreciation for the quality of fine art prints. But honestly, if I hadn’t discovered Foundry | The Creative School and fallen deep down the rabbit hole of becoming a professional photographer I would be so thrilled with any of the prints available now – regardless of what they were printed on.


I think this is a great time to share what I have learnt, applying it to what fifteen-years-ago-Erin would have wanted to know, in the hope that it helps other Mums to get a bit more serious and start taking better photos of your kids – without having to become a professional photographer in the process.

And hey, look, if you get sucked down that rabbit hole after I’m done with you – you might even decide to go professional too. And I would love that and be so proud!

So keep an eye out if you are keen to learn more about taking good quality photos of your family, for special occasions, or just capturing life in and around your home. I have a couple of ‘testers’ already on board to test my lessons out for me as I build them, if you are keen to hop on early and give me some feedback as you go please email or DM and let me know.

Erin McGrath is based in Tasmania’s Meander Valley, specialising in family, baby and birth documentary photography. If you are looking for an easy going and down to earth photographer in or around Launceston Tasmania I would love to hear from you.