The Portrait Masters Awards 2022

I discovered the The Portrait Masters Image Awards after completing a fine art portraiture course January 21. The Awards program exists to celebrate high quality professional portrait photography around the world. Achieving the high standards set by the organisers is no easy task. In knowing this, I decided to use these awards to track my personal growth – in planning, shooting and post processing the fine art portraits I love to work on. I admire the work of more established and experienced, talented portrait photographers, and I look forward to honing and building on my own art into the future.

These awards in particular are tough to score high. Judged by a panel of experts in their field who give points based on the technical and artistic skills exhibited. Bronze, silver and gold merits are awarded to images that achieve a high professional standard of work according to the average of the points given. I am proud that all three of my entries in the May round this year received Bronze Awards for exhibiting a high professional standard.

I feel validated by having my work judged by professional portrait artists, as I have not started this I feel validated by having my work judged by professional portrait artists, as I have not started this photography business on a whim, or because it will be a bit of fun to take photos and get paid for it. My aim is to create art (whether in this highly posed and edited form or more documentary style imagery) for the people I serve. This is it for me, this is what I should have been doing from when I first studied photography at school. I always pushed down the desire to take photography more seriously. Because ‘everyone’s a photographer’ and ‘you can’t make money doing something creative that you love’. Once I gave myself permission to pursue photography as a career, I enrolled to gain the qualifications to be sure I could work at a professional standard. And my love of the art has only gotten stronger.

I hope you like these three, I hope to submit three or four in the next round later in the year so keep an eye on the blog if you are keen to follow along with me. If you are interested in being a part of the planning and creation of a future fine art portrait for entry please get in touch!